H Mart Weekly Ad Deals: November 11 -17

hmartHere are the weekly deals for H Mart in Federal Way and Lynnwood for the week of 11/11/11 – 11/17/11. Fuji apples are $0.48/lb and giant pomegranates are $0.98 each!

Extended Weekend Sale (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)
Local Fuji Apple $0.48 lb
Korean Sweet Potato $0.68 lb
Pomegranate $0.98 each
Big Green Onion $0.98 bunch
Dongchimi Radish $0.98 bunch
Tofu $0.98 pack
Persimmon $14.98 box

Prepared Side Dishes Weekend Sale (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Cubed Radish Kimchi $3.98 pack
Marinated Black Beans $4.98 pack
Seasoned Garlic Stem $5.98 lb

Fresh Ribeye Sliced $3.58 lb
Fresh Pork Belly Sliced $4.48 lb
Fresh LA Style Beef Short Rib Sliced $5.78 lb
Shabu Shabu Beef Ribeye $5.88 lb

Manager’s Special
Kimchi Sliced, 1 Gallon  $9.98
Kimchi Whole, 1 Gallon $10.98
Chinese Long Squash  $0.59 lb

Price Check (Regular price or sale price for items I saw on 11-12-11 at the Federal Way store)
Onions  $0.39 lb
Butternut Squash  $0.49 lb
Yams  $0.59 lb
Avocado  $0.69 each
Zucchini  $0.79 lb
Tomato  $0.79 lb
Eggplant  $0.89 lb
Limes  6/$1
Cilantro  3/$1
Mushroom  8 oz  $1.29 each
Organic Red Swiss Chard  $1.79 each
Organic Collard Greens  $1.79 each

Narita Electric Rice Cooker  6-cup  $39.98
Narita Electric Rice Cooker  10-cup  $49.98