Deal: Mednet Ultra Puppy Pads 300 Ct. Small or 200 Ct. Medium or 150 Ct. Large $39.99

Mednet Puppy PadI’ve received quite a few emails from folks wondering where they could get the puppy pads when their Costco warehouse no longer has it in stock. I found a deal online at for Mednet Ultra Puppy Pads for $39.99. The small size includes 300 pads (17″ x 24″), the medium size includes 200 pads (23″ x 24″) and the large size includes 150 pads (23″ x 26″). Each puppy pad is said to absorb up to one full cup of liquid and features SAP Super Absorbent Polymer filling to offer quick absorbency. I haven’t used this brand but I’m hoping it’s like the quality pads that the Costco warehouses carry.
Optimum Absorbz 100 Count Dog Pads at some Costco Warehouses $15.99
While supplies last. If you find it cheaper, please leave a comment about which specific retailer including the city & date you discovered it so that others in your local area can take part in the deal.
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