How To Save Money On Your Disneyland Vacation

I have great memories of going to Disneyland back in the day when I used to play piano for high school choirs in California. After a quick performance, we were off and having fun. My kids were babies then but my husband and I still had a blast. I also remember how expensive even spending one day at Disneyland can be so I’m glad to share highlights from the very fun and informative bloggers at Look Before Spending. For more tips on saving money on your Disneyland vacation, check out their full post here.

One MAJOR thing to note: you are allowed to bring just about ANYTHING except glass into Disneyland. We have brought plastic juice bottles, canned sodas, energy drinks, sandwiches, plastic peanut butter jars and more into the park. Take advantage of this!

When it comes to lodging, our standards are not very high. All we need is a semi-comfortable bed, a clean room and an air conditioner that works. So, where do we like to stay? Any hotel on Harbor or Katella within walking distance to the park.

Check out their post for tips on where to eat in and out of Disneyland on the cheap, how to get discount tickets and where they like to stay for just $55/night (during the off season).

(Thanks, Look Before Spending!)