Full Circle Organic Produce Home Delivery: Worth the Investment?


I recently tried Full Circle’s organic produce home delivery service and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, there is the convenience of having a variety of fresh organic produce delivered to your door every week. You also have the choice to change some of the contents of the box depending on what’s in season. How easy is that?

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On the other hand, I didn’t have control over picking the actual produce that goes into my box otherwise I would not have chosen wilted greens, damaged lettuce, under-ripe soft oranges and rough-skinned apricots. If you have an out of town emergency to attend to and cannot request a swap out of some of the produce by noon on Sunday, then you end up with fruits and veggies that you may not particularly like. I also thought that more of the produce would actually be local to Washington so that was a disappointment as well.

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Full Circle participates in Groupon occasionally so take advantage of that deal if you want to give it a try. Otherwise, there are discount codes that Full Circle puts out every once in awhile for new customers.

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The Harvest Box (see list of items at the bottom of the post) is the most expensive at $44.95 (for the Pacific Northwest area) and the first picture above is an example of how much produce is included (except that they forgot to put in my radishes!). The do have 3 smaller sizes as well.
I ended up cancelling my account and will go back to getting my organic produce from the weekend farmers market where I can personally select the fruit and vegetables. I think I get a better deal at the market, too. Plus, my local Costco is carrying a lot more organic produce and at such an amazing price.
Here are some Korean side dishes that my mother made from the produce we received:

Mizuna, Lettuce Kimchi, Kale, Spring Onion Stems, Beet Leaves & Stems

Lettuce Kimchi with Avocado


Spring Onion Stems

Yes, my mother does have an obsession with sesame seeds!

Harvest Box (items vary weekly). This is what I received:
Mizuna (Greens), Organic – 1 bunch from Full Circle, Carnation, Washington.
Red Radishes, Organic – 1 bunch from Full Circle, Carnation, Washington. (This was supposed to be in my box but they left it out)
Spring Onions, Organic – 1 bunch from Alvarez Family Farm, Mabton, Washington.
Red Beets, Organic – 1 bunch from Alvarez Family Farm, Mabton, Washington.
Green Leaf Lettuce, Organic – 1 bunch from Cal Farms, Oregon City, Oregon.
Green Kale, Organic – 1 bunch from San Miguel Produce, Oxnard, California.
Nectarines, Organic – 4 each from Sweet-O, Cutler, California.
Apricots, Organic – 6 each from Nicholas Family Farms, Orange Cove, California.
Valencia Oranges, Organic – 5 each from Cousin’s, California.
White Flesh Peaches, Organic – 3 each from Twin Girls Farm, San Francisco, California.
Zucchini, Organic – 1.75 pounds from Sunnyside, Selma, California.
Avocados, Organic – 3 each from Calavo, California.

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