Costco: HyperLite The Alki 11′ SUP $699.99

This would be fun to use at Alki Beach in Seattle. Costco has the HyperLite The Alki 11′ Stand Up Paddle Board priced at $699.99. While supplies last.

• Length 11′
• Weighs 30 lbs.
• Adjustable paddle
• 7′ Coiled leash
• Oversized traction pad
• Three fin design
• Bungee tie-downs
• Weight Capacity 260 lbs

11′ x 35″ x 4.2″

Check out Amazon below for more options:

Item #1051288. This product was spotted at the Covington, WA location. Price and participation may vary so it may not be available at your local Costco or it may not be on sale at your local Costco or it may be a different price at your local Costco. Prices & sales dates may change at any time without notice. Photos may not be a perfect representation of the product.
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  • joelle gallup

    What is the weight limit for this board?

    • Sorry I left that out. The weight capacity is 260 lbs.
      I’ll update the post to reflect that.

  • Sandi

    I find it very strange you cant find any info on this board on the manufacturers web site or any reviews.

    • A lot of manufacturers offer exclusive products only sold at Costco. I do wish they would provide their product info on their websites with the disclaimer that it’s only sold at Costco.

    • Anna C

      I wondered the same thing! Our Costco is sold out right now and we were trying to find this online… nowhere to be found!

  • Jeff Gates

    I called Hyperlite… here’s the scoop!
    It’s manufactured by them, a company that is a leader in the wakeboard industry for many years (since 1991), and they told me it is their first foray into the SUP industry.
    It is only sold to Costco at this time, but you will find it here and there on the internet by companies that are purchasing large quantities from Costco and re-selling for a major mark-up. It’s already going for over $900 on Amazon!
    It was described to me that they basically took their existing technology that they use to make wakeboards and just ramped the mold up to SUP size, added a core to give it more stability, and then used their existing vacuum mold technology for the shell.
    It’s extremely light for an SUP, at only 30 lbs. for an 11′ board. My 9’6″ surfboard weighs in at 24 lbs., but it’s fiberglass so it’s like comparing apples to oranges.
    But if I can grab an SUP that only weighs 4 lbs. more???

    The reason it is so cheap is?
    1. It’s Costco and they know they can make up in volume what they lose anywhere else
    2. They can flood the market with a great board and get their name out there
    3. When they release the next two models (both for the 2018 season) they will most likely be full priced and sold everywhere, not just at Costco

    I’m going to pick one up as soon as I have the money, I’ll write a follow up when I’ve taken it out 3-4 times.

    • Jeff, thank you so much for doing the research and posting your findings. Very fascinating!