$25 Coupon: Good through 12/31/17

The next time you’re at Costco, be sure to pick up a coupon to shop online at The coupon gives you $25 off a purchase of $250 or more. This definitely comes in handy for holiday shopping since it doesn’t expire until December 31, 2017. Each coupon has a unique online-only promo code that can be used only one time.
Happy shopping!

  • Angela Williams

    Where are the coupons located?

    • It was located on a kiosk near the entrance at my local Costco (Covington, WA). But then again, Costco seems to move stuff around daily so who knows where it might be today.
      If you go to a different Costco and it’s not near the entrance, you can check near the comment card area or inquire with a Costco employee or customer service desk.