Costco Wine Advent Calendar for 2020 is here!

by Rhonda

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Oh yes, it’s that time of year when Costco brings in their extremely popular Wine Advent Calendar and for 2020, you find the new list of wines included below. You get 24 half bottles of wine for just $99.99! This is a hot item so it may sell out very quickly at some locations. So as with all things Costco, it’s while supplies last. Item #1357643.

This product was spotted at the Covington, Washington Costco but may be not available at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. Limited to stock on hand. I do NOT sell this item. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

Wine Advent Calendar 24 Half Bottles | Costco 2020


• This box includes (24) 375 ml bottles of wine from all over the world, curated for Costco customers.
• Celebrate the season with white wine, red wine, and even a rosé and a sparkling wine.

Wine Advent Calendar Costco 2020
Wine Advent Calendar Whats Included | Costco 2020

24 Wines Included:

1. Vieux Ciseaux – Masterfully Made Merlot France 2019
2. Nightfall – Spicy and Dense Zinfandel California 2019
3. Ciel Bleu d’Aquitaine – Sunny, fresh French Sauvignon Blanc
4. Cielo D’Oro – Sangiovese That Captures the Romance of Italy 2019
5. Pasarica – Dense and Plush Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina 2019
6. Ballūn – A vibrant Pinot Grigio from Codru, Moldova 2019
7. Héros – Dark and bold Syrah from France 2019
8. Octopada – Intense and plush Macabeo from La Mancha, Spain 2019

9. Three Brothers – Discover Pinot Noir from Codru, Moldova 2019
10. Atlas Bear – Experience the perfume of South African Chenin Blanc 2019
11. Bold Bull – Learn to Say Olé! From this Spanish Tempranillo 2019
12. Carrete – Delightful and exotic Viognier from Maule Valley, Chile 2019
13. The Conductor – No Monkeying Around with this Merlot from Bulgaria 2019
14. Baciato Dal Sol – fresh, fruity and sunny Trebbiano from Italy 2019
15. LTD – Le Tremblé Demoiselle French Rosé 2019
16. Moulinet – France’s Red Southern Blend of Grenache and Syrah 2019

17. Cara a Cara – Discover new varietals in the white blend from Portugal 201
18. Pollo Pazo – Enjoy Cabernet Merlot Sicilian Style 2019
19. Six String – Navarra Region’s Classic Red Blend Spain 2019
20. Maison Savas – classic Bordeaux White blend
21. Barcelos – The Portuguese Art of Blending Red Wine 2019
22. Flutter – Modern Chardonnay from Spain 2019
23. Château Cap de Biolet – A stunning red wine from Bordeaux, France 2019
24. Brilliant Sparkling – Nothing says celebrate like bubbly from Italy

Wine Advent Calendar 2020 | Costco Price

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