New! Costco Food Court Kiosk

by Rhonda

I don’t go to the Covington, Washington Costco for a week and this food court kiosk pops up. Say goodbye to long lines just to get that famous hot dog and very berry sundae.

Price and participation may vary by location.

So, it’s very simple to use. My location has four touchscreen registers. At the register, you click on the items that you want, place your order and pay with your credit or debit card. Since it’s brand new, there is a Costco employee around to assist if needed.

Take your receipt with your order number and head to the kiosk order pick-up window and wait for your number to be called. It shouldn’t take too long.

If you are paying by cash then don’t worry, Costco kept two of the regular cash registers with human cashiers.

I wonder how many Costco locations have this in place and how long this kiosk will last? It seems to be very efficient but so were the self-checkout lanes (which I still miss).
Picture of Pizza

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