Costco: Bambeco Swiss Alps Bee House $13.69

by Rhonda

Interested in setting up a nursery for native bees? Costco has the Bambeco Swiss Alps Bee House in some stores for a limited time. It’s priced at $13.69. While supplies last. Price and participation may vary by location.

About 30% of the human food supply and 90% of wild plants depend on pollination from bees, the majority of which are native bees. Native bees do not produce honey or beeswax. Their sole focus is pollination and they are not aggressive.

This bee house is hand-crafted from 100% solid pine wood and bamboo, and sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish. Once a female bee establishes her home in this house, she will lay her eggs, fill the tubes with nourishment and seal off the entrance so her young can safely grow.

Bambeco Swiss Alps Bee House at Costco

• Pollinate your garden, by attracting the most prolific super pollinators
• Native Bees out pollinate honey bees 80 to 1
• Provide shelter for next season’s offspring
• “Save The Bees” because of loss habitat, native bees are declining in numbers

Dimensions: 13.5in W x 5.5in D x 16in H  (34.29 x 13.97  x 40.64 cm)
Weight: 6 lbs.

Bambeco Swiss Alps Bee House at Costco

• Place in garden or hang 5ft – 7ft high on a wall or fence that gets morning sunlight, under an overhang if possible
• Plant native plants and flowers nearby to draw these super-pollinating bees to your bee house so there’s a food source for the young
• Create a moist patch of soil near the bee house so bees have mud to protect their young
• In Autumn, store bee house (with cocooned larvae inside) in an outdoor shed or covered location for winter. Do not store inside your house!
• In early Spring, return house to original location

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Costco price: Bambeco Swiss Alps Bee House

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