Costco Business Center Coupon Book MAY 2021

by Rhonda

The May 2021 Costco Coupon Book for their Business Center starts today and is filled with a lot of great deals! Just a reminder – this is for the Costco Business Center and NOT the regular Costco warehouse. Some of these deals usually end up in the regular Costco coupon book, too. Costco Business Centers are open to all Costco members and not just those with the business membership cards.

Some of the sale items include Nutella (6.6-pound tub!), Nestle Drumsticks, Kerrygold Butter, Ito En Green Tea, Marathon TP, Brew City onion rings, Sour Patch Kids candy, Jack Link’s beef jerky, Monster energy drink, Red Bull, Boise X-9 copy paper, Office Star manager’s chair, De’Longhi portable air conditioner, and more.

This sale runs from April 26, 2021 through May 23, 2021. Once again, this sale is only valid at Costco Business Centers. I have a list of the 20 Costco Business Center locations below. As with all things at Costco, everything is while supplies last.

Costco Business Center locations in the United States:

  • Arizona (Phoenix)
  • California (Commerce, Hawthorne, Hayward, North Hollywood, Ontario, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, South San Francisco, Westminster)
  • Colorado (Denver)
  • Florida (Orlando)
  • Georgia (Morrow)
  • Illinois (Chicago)
  • Minnesota (Minneapolis)
  • Nevada (Las Vegas)
  • Texas (Dallas)
  • Washington (Fife, Lynnwood)

Visit to see the coupon book more clearly with their interactive zoom in and zoom out feature.

Costco Business Center MAY 2021 Savings Event:

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center Cover
Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P6 P7

Left page – Monster energy drinks 16oz/24, Red Bull 8.4oz/24, 5-hour Energy 1.93oz/24, Premier Protein 11oz/18, Vital Proteins Collagen water 12oz/12.

Right page – Pure Leaf unsweetened tea 16.9oz/18, Pure Leaf sweet tea 16.9oz/18. Snapple juice or iced tea or diet iced tea 20oz/24, Martinelli’s apple juice 10oz/24. POM Wonderful pomegranate juice 60oz, Welch’s grape juice 96oz/2

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P8 P9

Left page – S. Pellegrino sparkling water 25.3oz/15. Dasani water 20oz/24. Ozarka water with sports cap 23.7oz/24. Arrowhead water with sports cap 23.7oz/24. Ice Mt water with sports cap 23.7oz/24. Zephyrhills water with sports cap 23.7oz/24, Deer Park water with sports cap 23.7oz/24. Jack Link’s jerky 1.25oz/9, Jack Link’s jerky big beef sticks 0.92oz/20, Jack Link’s beef and cheese sticks 1.2oz/16.

Right page – Pringles 0.67oz/60, Frito-Lay chips variety 30ct, Skinny Pop popcorn 0.65oz/28, Pirate’s Booty 0.5oz/40, Cracker Jack 1.25oz/24. Kashi chocolate almond granola bars 1.2oz/35, Kind bars 1.4oz/20, Clif bar 2.4oz/24

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P10 P11

Left page – 5-hour Energy 1.93oz/24, Kar’s trail mix 2oz/24, Planters cashew peanuts 24ct, Lotus Biscoff cookies 0.275oz/128, Oreo cookies 5.25oz/10.

Right page – Keebler bite size cookies 1.6oz/30. Rice Krispies Treats 1.3oz/25ct. Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles 21.2oz. Reese’s peanut butter cups King size 2.8oz/24, Snickers king size 2togo 3.29oz/24. Twix king size 4togo 3.35oz/24. Peanut M&M’s 3.27oz/24, Kit Kat king size 3oz/24

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P12 P13

Left page – Topps Ring Pops 40ct, Swedish Fish 2oz/24, Sour Patch Kids 2oz/24, Sour Punch Candy Straws 2oz/24.

Right page – Starbucks French roast coffee bean 2.5lbs. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s k-cup pods 75ct. Keurig K-cup pods 100ct, Dunkin’ Donuts Med roast 45oz. Kellogg’s cereal 1.05oz/30, Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal w/almonds 50oz.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P14 P15

Left page – Local Hive Honey raw unfiltered 80oz. Skippy peanut butter creamy or chunky 48oz/2. Nutella Hazelnut spread with cocoa 6.6lbs, Nutella snack pack with pretzels 1.9oz/16. Nutella snack pack with breadsticks 1.8oz/16. Nongshim Tonkotsu ramen pork broth 3.56oz/6, Italian Sausage links mild 5lbs, Oranges 10lbs

Right page – Season Sardines 4.375oz/6. Trident Fish sticks 4lbs, McCain Redstone Canyon Spiral seasoned fries 4lbs/6. Brew City beer battered onion rings 2.5lbs. Vanity Fair napkins 240ct, Dawn Pro Dish Soap 5 gal.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P18 P19

Left page – Jack Link’s jerky 1.25oz/9. Jack Link’s jerky big beef sticks 0.92oz/20. Jack Link’s beef and cheese sticks 1.2oz/16, Jack Links and Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snack box 24ct. Marathon multifold paper towels 4,000ct, Marathon dinner napkins 2ply 900ct, Marathon toilet paper 470 sheets/48, Marathon paper towel dispenser.

Right page – Dixie paper hot cups 12oz/160. Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech kitchen trash bags 13gal/200. Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech kitchen trash bags scented 13gal/200. Scotch-Brite sponges 21ct, Tide 208oz. Downy 165oz, Bounce 160/2, Dust-Off compressed gas 12/6.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P20 P21

Left page – Clif bar 24ct, Expo dry erase markers 18ct. Sharpie markers 25ct, Boise X-9 copy paper 8.5″x11″ 5,000 sheets. Boise X-9 copy paper 11″x17″ 2,500 sheets. Boise X-9 copy paper 8.5″x14″ 5,000 sheets.

Right page – Advantage premium 97 Bright white paper 24lbs 8/5″x11″ 800 sheets. Quality Park #10 security envelops 500ct, Forest Select thermal receipt paper rolls 2.25″x85′ 50ct. Forest Select thermal coreless receipt rolls 2.25″x75′ 100ct, Forest Select thermal paper rolls 3.125″x230′ 48ct. Office Star manager’s chair, Lifetime personal folding table 30″Lx20″W. Duracell batteries 9V or C or D.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P22 P23

Left page – Tylenol 2caplets/50, Bayer Alka-Seltzer 2tablets/58. Clear Eyes eye drops 0.2oz/12, Band-Aid assorted 188ct. Rorze KN95 respirator mask black 50ct, Kingsford charcoal 18lbs/2.

Right page – Tramontina 12″ fry pan, KitchenAid Pro stand mixer 6qt. Vitamix blender, Keurig K-Supreme Single Serve Coffee Maker, Oster countertop convection oven. Winco Get-A-Grip chafer 8qt, First Alert Fire extinguisher 5lbs. De’Longhi portable air conditioner 7200BTU.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P24 P25

Right page – KeVita organic kombucha 15.2oz/6, Vita Coco coconut water 11.1oz/18. Ito En Unsweetened Tea Green or Jasmine Green or Oolong 16.9oz/12. Bai 18oz/15, Clamato Tomato cocktail 64oz/2, Essentia water 1L/12.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P26 P27

Left page – Vita Coco coconut water 330ml/18. Fiji water 500ml/24. Evian water 1L/12, Voss water 500ml/24. High Brew Coffee cold brew triple shot 11oz/12.

Right page – Lavazza organic Italian roast coffee beans 2.2lbs. Sugar in the Raw Turbinado cane sugar 6lbs. Paradise Green dried young coconut 24oz. Paradise Green dried ginger chunks 32oz, Babybel mini snack cheese 0.75oz/36. Chobani Greek yogurt nonfat vanilla 40oz, Dannon Greek yogurt light and fit 5.3oz/18.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P28 P29

Left page – Kerrygold Pure Irish butter salted or unsalted 8oz/4. Raymundo’s rice pudding 4oz/18, The Laughing Cow cheese with pretzel breadsticks 1.76oz/12. Safe Catch Ahi Wild Yellowfin Tuna 3oz/8.

Right page – Hillshire white cheddar and Genoa salame 4ct. Hillshire Farms deli lunchmeat variety 1lb/3, Columbus sliced dry Salame reduced sodium 16oz/2. Kirkland Signature Basil pesto 22oz. Del Real Foods Chicken Tamales 15ct. Frontera Chicken Fajita bowls 11.3oz/4. Posada steak cheese Chimichangas or Burritos 5oz/18, Tyson sausage patties 4lbs.

Costco Coupon Book MAY 2021 Business Center P30 P31

Left page – Tyson Panko breaded chicken breast tenderloins 5lbs. Outshine frozen fruit bars 24ct. Nestle Drumsticks 16ct, Glucerna nutritional shake vanilla 8oz/24. Nouvelle Legende bar mop towels 16″x19″/25. Rubbermaid commercial mop bucket and wringer 26qt. CyberPower surge protectors 4ct. iSi Professional Cream Chargers N20 50ct.

Right page – Sterno 2-hour ethanol gel chafing fuel 5.99oz/24, Scripto utility lighters 4ct

I do not sell these products. This is just a posting of deals from Costco Business Center and is not an endorsement or recommendation of any product or of Costco. Please do your own research before making any purchase.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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