Presto Electric Heater at Costco!

by Rhonda

Take off the chill with the Presto Electric Heater from Costco. This electric heater uses a parabolic reflector to focus heat, like a satellite dish concentrates TV signals. Because of this design, you’ll use less energy compared to other similar heaters. Use the thermostatic control knob to adjust the heat settings and tilt the heater up, down, or in-between to direct heat where you want.

Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Parabolic Electric Heater | Costco

Costco’s Price

The Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Parabolic Electric Heater is available at select Costco locations for $79.99, while supplies last. Item #1527704.

I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may be not available at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Heater | Costco Display and Price

Presto Electric Heater Features

  • High-efficiency parabolic reflector focuses heat where you want it so you don’t needlessly heat an entire room
  • Heat settings are adjustable with a knob, to select the level of warmth desired
  • 45 Degree tilt
  • Uses only 1000 watts to save energy
  • Safeguard Protection: Turns off automatically in case of tip-over. A warning buzzer sounds if heater is jarred or tipped while on.
  • Top-mounted control for easy access
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Built-in cord wrap
  • Signal light tells you at a glance if heater is plugged in
  • Strong steel grille guards ceramic-insulated heating element
  • Model  07928
Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Electric Heater | description | Costco

Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Heater | Costco Display

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions: 16.1” L x 10.3” W x 16.9” H
  • Weight: 5 lbs
Presto HeatDish Plus Tilt Heater | description | Costco

This heater is designed for fast personal heat or for heating small, enclosed rooms up to 10 ft x 12 ft. This is not practical for heating large rooms. On the product box it states that this heater is intended for floor use only.

Other options may be available at for a delivered price, while supplies last.

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