Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat at Costco!

by Rhonda

Turn a mundane trip to the bathroom into the ultimate cleaning experience with the Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat from Costco. This electronic bidet toilet seat is fairly easy to install on your current toilet with a few basic tools (not included). The Washlet is designed to provide a higher level of cleanliness and comfort from the heated seat, to the self-cleaning wand that extends from under the seat to deliver soothing warm water and give you a clean feeling. It also has a warm air dryer reducing the need for toilet paper and an automatic air deodorizer to minimize odors.

Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | Costco
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat

Costco’s Price

The Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat is available at select Costco locations for $349.99, while supplies last. Item #2322019. Model: T1SW3014#01

I spotted this item at the Tukwila, Washington Costco but it may not be available at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | Costco Price
Costco Price

Bidet Seat Features

  • HEATED SEAT: Heated contoured seat with adjustable temperature settings allow users to choose their perfect level of warmth
  • PRE-MIST CLEANSING: A pre-mist cleansing of the toilet bowl before each use helps prevent waste from adhering to the toilet
  • ADJUSTABLE CLEANSING SPRAY: Cleansing spray has an adjustable water temperature and pressure for customized cleaning
  • WARM CLEANSING STREAM: Warm cleansing stream provides a strong, yet gentle water pressure for a superior cleanse without being too harsh
  • WARM AIR DRYER: Temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer for a more pleasant experience and reducing the need for toilet paper
  • SELF-CLEANING WAND: Hygienic and sanitary wand is designed to repel substances and self-cleans before and after each use by cleaning both the inside and outside of the wand
  • WATER STREAM ANGLE: Water stream angle is designed to prevent splash back on the wand
  • AIR DEODORIZER: Automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters to clean the air around the toilet
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat features | Costco
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | Installation Guide | Costco
Installation Tips

Do-It-Yourself Installation

  1. The WASHLET fits most toilets that feature a standard design.
  2. Check the dimensions of your toilet to ensure proper fit and installation.
  3. Check to ensure adequate space across the width of the tank. French curves may inhibit proper installation of the WASHLET.
  4. Be sure that you are able to access the tank’s fill valve inlet in order to complete the water connection. If space is limited, extenders are available at many hardware stores.
  5. Remove your current seat.
  6. Install the WASHLET base plate. The rubber grommets can be lubricated with water if needed. Tighten the screws completely.
  7. Slide the WASHLET onto the base plate. Check the fit on your toilet and readjust the base plate as needed. A quick release button on the right-hand side allows for easy removal.
  8. Connect the tee connector to your fill valve inlet. Connect the WASHLET hose and reconnect the water supply hose.
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | Costco Display
Costco Display (Toilet NOT included)

Included and Required Items

  • Included Items – WASHLET, base plate and installation hardware, and tee connector
  • 120V GFCI outlet required. Rated 15 Amps. Surge protection recommended to protect your WASHLET.
  • The 3.9 foot three-prong power cord originates on the back left-hand side of the WASHLET when facing the toilet.
  • Meets or exceeds electrical and mechanical standards for the US and Canada. IAPMO EGS and cUPC listed.

Things to Consider

  • Some toilet designs, such as fully skirted bowls, restrict access to the fill valve inlet. Limited space can prevent completion of the water connection.
  • Check to ensure there is adequate space under your tank to install the tee connector and complete the water connection.
  • Extenders are available if your fill valve inlet is difficult to reach.
  • Additional fittings required for wall-hung toilet installations.
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | side view | Costco Display
Costco Display
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | control panel | Costco Display
Control panel
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | control panel info | Costco Display
Control Panel Features
Toto Washlet Elongated Bidet Seat | Fit Guide | Costco
Fit Guide

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Other options may be available at for a delivered price, while supplies last.

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