We’re finally getting the word that Costco will start accepting Visa credit cards on June 20, 2016. So that means the last day to use your Costco branded American Express credit card is June 19, 2016.

Members with Costco cards from Amercian Express will automatically receive new Visa credit cards from Citibank to replace their cards*.

• Cardholders will not need to apply for the new credit card.

• Cardholders will receive important account information from Citibank beginning April 2016.

• Cardholders will be mailed their new credit cards in May or early June 2016.

• Cardholders may start using their new Visa credit cards beginning June 20, 2016.

• After June 19, 2016 the Costco cards from American Express will no longer be valid for use anywhere.

• All cash back rewards earned on Costco cards from American Express through June 19, 2016 will automatically transfer to the new credit card from Citibank. Cardholders will continue to earn rewards on the new credit card from Citibank beginning June 20, 2016.

Citibank will not pull a credit report as part of the account transfer process, and cardholders will maintain their credit line.

* In certain very limited situations, a Cardholder’s Costco card from American Express may not be transferred to Citibank. If that is the case, American Express will contact the cardholder directly with additional details.

Beginning June 20, 2016, the only accepted forms of payment at Costco warehouses in the U.S. will be Visa cards, cash, checks, debit/ATM cards, EBT and Costco Cash Cards.

Members with Costco cards from American Express may continue to use their cards both inside and outside of Costco through June 19, 2016. Cardholders will continue to earn cash back rewards on all eligible purchases made with their cards through June 19, 2016.

American Express Cards will no longer be accepted at Costco in the U.S. after June 19, 2016.

Costco Accepts Visa Credit Cards Starting June 20, 2016