Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device – Costco Sale!

by Rhonda

Costco has been selling the Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device online for awhile and for many people it sounds like it has helped regrow their hair. On the other hand, some online reviewers say that it has not stopped hair loss or helped with regrowth. I took the plunge and purchased this item for someone in my family. If it works, then great. And if it doesn’t, then that’s what Costco’s return policy is for.

Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device | Costco
Theradome EVO LH40

Costco’s Price and Sale Dates

The Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device is on sale at for $359.99, now through December 14, 2021. That is $100 off Costco’s regular price of $459.99. Item #1574962. While supplies last.

Theradome in storage bag | Costco
Theradome in its storage bag

The Theradome EVO is an at-home hair restoration treatment for both men and women. It has medical-grade lasers that is designed to increase blood flow into the hair follicle, allowing the nutrients your hair needs to stop hair loss, thicken existing hair, and promote new hair growth.

Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device helmet | Costco
Theradome helmet

Theradome Features

  • Designed to restore hair follicle health, stop shedding, thicken and regrow hair
  • 20-minute Sessions 4 x Per Week for Transformative Results
  • Hands-free, cordless, lightweight design with voice-guided treatments
  • FDA cleared for women and men as safe and effective with no side effects
  • Contains 40 proprietary lasers delivering at 680 nanometers, the optimal wavelength for the deepest penetration into the scalp of up to 5 mm into the hair follicle.
Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device helmet interior | Costco
Helmet interior

FDA Indications for Use

  • The Theradome EVO is an over-the-counter (OTC) therapeutic device intended to treat Androgenetic Alopecia and promote hair growth in males who have Norwood-Hamilton Classifications of II to V patterns of hair loss and to treat Androgenetic Alopecia and promote hair growth in females who have Ludwig-Savin Scale I-1 to I-4, II-1, II-2; both with Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV.
Types of hair loss | Costco
Types of hair loss

How to use it

  1. Press the master switch to start treatment. You can enjoy light activities during your treatment such as browsing the web, watching TV, or reading a book.
  2. Place the helmet on your head and the treatment will begin automatically.
  3. The helmet has a built-in speaker that will provide voice command updating you on the status of your treatment.
  4. After 20 minutes, the Theradome will automatically turn off when the treatment is completed.
  5. Use Theradome 4 times a week (20 minutes a day).


  • Model: EVO LH40
  • Wavelength: 680 nanometer
  • Lasers: 40 Medical grade
  • Fit: Head sizes up to 24.75″ (62.9 cm)
  • Battery Charging Time: approx. 3 hours
  • Uses per charge: approx. 16

This is just a posting of a deal and not an endorsement or recommendation of any product.

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Other options may be available at for a delivered price, while supplies last.

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