DPS Radius Gaming Desk at Costco!

by Rhonda

8/2/23. © Frugal Hotspot
The DPS Radius 60” Gaming Desk from Costco is a fun desk, designed with the gamer in mind. The ergonomic curved-edge design gets you closer to the action while you’re playing games on your computer.

DPS Radius Gaming Desk | Costco | Item 1653298
DPS Radius Gaming Desk
(computer, monitor, support arms, keyboard, headphones, mics, accessories, etc. NOT included)

The DPS Gaming Desk comes with a cup holder, so you can keep your beverage off of your desk but within your reach and a convenient hook to hang your accessories like headphones. And, when you’re not using them, you can rotate them under the desk and out of the way. Another great feature are the LED lights on the side and back of the desk that can be controlled with the remote, app, or have it sync to music.

Costco’s Price

The DPS Radius 60” Gaming Desk is available at select Costco locations for $259.99, while supplies last. Prices and inventory may vary by location and may change at any time without notice. To see if your local Costco carries this item, give them a call and ask about Item #1653298.

DPS Radius Gaming Desk | Costco Price | Item 1653298
Costco Price

Desk Features

  • Composite wood laminated with PVC in a carbon-fiber pattern
  • Steel base
  • Cup holder
  • Accessory hook
  • Front of desk has ergonomic curved-edge design
  • LED lights powered by USB cable and controlled by remote, bluetooth app, or music / sound
  • Grommets and integrated wire tray for cable organization
  • DPS: Damage Per Second
  • Assembly Required
  • [Please follow all precautions and warnings on the instruction sheet]
  • [Electronics and accessories NOT included]

LED Color Modes

  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, White
  • Static color, Strobe Flash, Gradual Change, Jump Change and Cross Fade
  • Power Requirements: connect to a standard USB-A interface on your PC or monitor to power the lights


  • Dimensions: 59.6″ W x 32.7″ D x 30.2″ H (151.4 cm x 83.1 cm x 76.8 cm)
  • Weight: 70.5 lbs (32 kg)
  • Desk Top Load Capacity: 199.9 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • Accessory Hook Capacity: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Cupholder Capacity: 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)

Photos may not be a perfect representation of the product, especially the color and shading.

DPS Radius Gaming Desk | Costco Display | Item 1653298
Costco Display: DPS Radius Gaming Desk
Cup Holder | DPS Radius Gaming Desk | Costco Display | Item 1653298
Cup Holder can rotate under the desk when not in use
Accessory Hook | Dimensions and Specs | DPS Radius 60 Gaming Desk | Costco Item 1653298
Accessory Hook
Rear view | Dimensions and Specs | DPS Radius 60 Gaming Desk | Costco Item 1653298
Back and sides of the desk have LED lights in 7 colors
Dimensions and Specs | DPS Radius 60 Gaming Desk | Costco Item 1653298

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