Costco Deal: Spudlers Breakfast Hash with Bacon 3 lbs $9.99

Spudlers Breakfast Hash*UPDATE* 2/24/13
Costco has the Spudlers Breakfast Hash with Bacon 3 lbs Bag on sale for $9.99 (after manufacturer’s instant rebate), now through March 31, 2012.

That is $2.70 off Costco’s regular price of $12.69.
The sale price works out to $3.33 per pound.

This item can be found in the freezer section and includes Applewood smoked bacon, potatoes, onions and peppers so all you have to add are the eggs. My daughter is not a fan of this but my son and I really enjoy it. I especially love the potatoes.

Spudlers Breakfast Hash Costco PriceItem #570936. While supplies last. This was spotted at the Covington, WA location. Price and participation may vary so it may not be available at your local Costco or it may not be on sale at your local Costco or it may be a different price at your local Costco.
This is just a posting of the deal at Costco and not an endorsement or recommendation of any product. Please do your own research before making any purchase.
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  • I tried to find the mfr website to let them know about this.  This would be really good if it weren’t for the second-rate bacon.  It’s way too much fat and almost no meat.  I love the overall flavor and the idea, but it’s gross to end up chewing the fat – no pun intended.  Just finished 2nd package and it was unfortunately consistent with more fat than bacon.
    Better to make your own. Packaged bacon – or bacon bits, prechopped onions (keep them in your freezer), packaged hash browns and packaged (or homemade) frozen chopped peppers if you like that, too.

  • C180tom

    Spudlers are great, but how do I find them at Costco or IF they’re in stock? I evidently did not ask the right employees.

  • guernsey

    I wonder if any worker at spudlers is missing a pen top, want to let them know I found it and I will send it back to them..

  • ben john

    The freezer section! lol! It’s as big as some stores are!

  • ben john

    Pretty good product! It’s baffling to me though how come in this age a company like Spudler’s, do not have a website or a at least a Facebook page! It’s free!

  • Disappointed

    Costco discontinued it any idea where else I can buy it?

    • I’m disappointed, too, that Costco is no longer carrying it. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it anywhere else either.

  • Lorraine

    Why did Costco change their Bacon breakfast hash to Maple Ham breakfast hash. Not as good. Where can I get the Bacon Breakfast Hash now?

    • Not sure. My local Costco has not carried this item in a very long while. You could contact Costco’s facebook page or their customer service about it.